The Very Strange Story of


A New Musical

"No, seriously...
My cousin Jim in Omaha
has this friend who knows a guy
that saw an ad in the paper
for a brand-new Porsche...
For only fifty dollars!
I swear, it's true..."


Urban Legends


From the teenage sweethearts menaced by the nefarious fiend with the hooked-hand, to the nest of deadly, black-widow spiders living in a girl’s elaborate beehive hairdo, to the woman selling a brand-new Porsche for fifty dollars, urban legends are by turns terrifying, gross or delightfully dippy — cautionary tales that the storyteller swears came directly from a trusted friend who knows the person to whom these ‘true stories’ actually happened.

And then there’s the tale of the ghostly beauty who hitched a ride from three unsuspecting young men one Halloween night...


The Very Strange Story of THE VANISHING HITCHHIKER is an evening of urban legends told, in story and song, by a group of young people who find themselves in a situation that itself has all the earmarks of being an urban legend: a snowbound bus, a mysterious stranger and the uneasy feeling things are not what they seem.

The legends come to life and are played out in various locations, time periods and styles, employing a cornucopia of musical genres: folk songs, calypso, rock ‘n’ roll, classical, rap, torch song, rhythm ‘n’ blues, mariachi, and finally a lullaby to bring the evening to a close.


With tongue firmly planted in cheek and an eye to classic movies, teen romances and ghost stories, The Very Strange Story of THE VANISHING HITCHHIKER is a wild ride on a snowbound bus through the land of the urban legend.  




           Photo by
           Kenton Faust